Message from Chancellor Tim White

Chancellor White chats with SJSU students

November 22, 2013

San Jose State University Faculty, Staff and Students

I join President Qayoumi in the strongest possible terms to denounce the abhorrent racist and illegal behavior that has apparently occurred at San Jose State University. I am offended, appalled, deeply saddened and disappointed by the series of events that have come to light.

This alleged behavior is entirely contrary to the core values, mission and culture of the 23 campus California State University.

Our immediate task is to help this student victim recover and continue with his studies, and to do our part to hold accountable those who perpetrated these acts. We continue to cooperate with law enforcement and are pursuing our own internal investigation to ensure that our policies and protocols support a climate of respect and safety.

I applaud the campus for its on-going efforts to begin the healing process that is necessary. President Qayoumi has already reached out to African-American leaders in the Bay Area for their counsel and assistance.

As a CSU community, we must confront honestly and directly incidents such as the one at San Jose State. It is a clarion call that we be ever-vigilant to assure our educational programs, policies and practices are designed as effectively as possible to sustain safe, respectful and civil climates for all our students, faculty, staff and guests.

Timothy P. White