Suggestions to Improve San Jose State for Students of Color

November 27, 2013

Student's campus rally

Following the latest incident of racial enmity at San Jose State, the African American student body has determined that the university administration has not done enough within its power to address the problems that African American students face on campus. From isolation to outright harassment, African American students face a wide range of issues that the university has simply refused to address proactively. Considering this fact, the African American student organizations on campus have decided to help start the process by drafting these simple steps that the university should take to prevent a similar incident from occurring.

African American Studies GE Requirement for Every Major

Moving African American studies into sociology for exposure to its 600 students is clearly not enough with the current campus climate. The entire campus needs ethnic studies, not just sociology.

Zero Tolerance Policy for Racial Harassment

Disallow anything that represents or symbolizes an attack on any ethnic, religious or gender group in housing and anywhere on campus. Perpetrators need to be punished.

Housing Policies Need to Be Examined

More Diversified Housing

One black student should never have been stuck with seven white roommates. Ensuring that students have roommates of multiple different racial backgrounds would help ensure such bullying did not happen.

African American Students Need a Place They Can Go If They Need Help

Suggestion: Create an African American Student Success Center with full-time and part-time staff who work specifically to address the needs of African American students on campus.

Had this young man knew of a place where he could go on campus specifically for help with issues like these, it would not have dragged on for as long as it did.

Resolution from President Qayoumi, Provost Junn and A.S. President Ayala

Letter in support of the victim as well as a commitment to improving the situation of African American students at SJSU through these steps.

Black Unity Group
Black Students Union
Black Alliance of Scientists and Engineers
Black Campus Ministries
Students for Quality Education