Previous Studies

Final Student Report of the Campus Climate Focus Group Research Project (PDF)

Fall 2011

Associate Professor of Sociology Susan Murray examined campus climate through data collected from 13 focus groups composed of administrators, faculty, staff and students. The report was requested by the Campus Climate Committee, a presidential advisory group composed of faculty and staff members, students and administrators. 

Inclusive Excellence/Diversity Master Plan (PDF)

August 2009

Professor of Communication Studies Rona Halualani offered “an institutional strategy and action plan for deeply infusing the university structure and community with the values and practices of inclusion." The president appointed a team of 50 campus community members to design creative action plans for implementing diversity across campus.

Campus Climate at SJSU: Student Perceptions (PDF)


The Campus Climate Committee partnered with the Office of Institutional Research to conduct a survey assessing perceptions of SJSU’s campus climate.