President's Scholar 2009-2010

Constantine Danopoulos

The President's Scholar Award recognizes a faculty member who has achieved widespread recognition based on the quality of scholarship, performances or creative activities.

Constantine Danopoulos

Professor of Political Science Constantine Danopoulos left his native Greece at age 18 with plans to get an education in the United States. His education and subsequent research have kept him close to home, and have earned him the 2009-2010 President's Scholar Award.

"Professor Danopoulos is regarded as one of the world's most important experts on one of the world's most troubled regions: southeastern Europe -- Greece and the Balkans in particular," according to one nominator.

His strong research track record includes more than forty peer-reviewed journal articles and a pioneering book, Warriors and Politicians in Modern Greece (1984), which deals with military and civilian rule. Danopoulos says that the region has changed immensely over the years, and that he has needed to change his research to keep up with evolution of the place.

World leaders and international organizations have sought his advice because of his scholarly expertise. He credits interacting with an extensive network of colleagues for helping him stay current. In reality, Danopoulos tends to take the lead. According to a nominator, Danopoulos' international reputation is "demonstrated by his long and extensive involvement as the most active editor in his field. He has edited some 15 books and given contributions to some 18 more."

Danopoulos' work is clearly important to the discipline and beyond. In many respects, the education he sought as a young man has come full circle.

"I have pursued my research with vigor and I still enjoy it," says Danopoulos. "After awhile, it just becomes part of who you are."

Danopoulos earned two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree from San José State University and a doctoral degree from the University of Missouri. Selected honors and awards include: Who is Who in America (2009), SJSU Warburton Award for Excellence in Research (2008) and a Fulbright Research Award, Greece (2008).