Distinguished Service 2009-2010

Amy Strage

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes a faculty member for exemplary service in a leadership capacity to the university and/or community or profession that brings credit to San José State University.

Amy Strage

Professor of Child and Adolescent Development Amy Strage considers herself "an always-wanting-to-help sort of person." San José State agrees with Strage, who is the recipient of the 2009-2010 Distinguished Service Award.

The highlights of Strage's contributions to San José State since she joined the faculty in 1987 include unwavering support of faculty development, tireless promotion of student success and dedication to service learning and building strong professional partnerships.

"A special thread that runs through Dr. Strage's 23-year career at San José State is her ongoing commitment to linking teaching, scholarship and service," wrote a nominator. "She has provided long-term, meaningful service that has benefited the campus and our faculty."

Through her work in the Connie L. Lurie College of Education and in the Center for Faculty Development, Strage helps faculty members prepare their dossiers and consider their career plans, a process she says many people approach with dread, anger and frustration. Strage says getting colleagues to approach the process as an opportunity to reflect on their careers is rewardingÑand it's a great way to get to know fields she knows little or nothing about.

Students also benefit from her commitment to service. She has overseen the placement of thousands of San José State service-learning students through local social service agencies, community-based organizations and businesses, work for which she received the first Provost's Award for Excellence in Service Learning.

Strage mentors and collaborates with faculty members across campus, supports students, and forges partnerships that have yielded programs like "It Takes a Valley," which helps school teachers succeed in challenging educational environments. However, the far-reaching impacts of Strage's work are grounded in her dedication to service here at San José State.

"Working at a university is not like other kinds of careers where people jump from company to company or job to job," says Strage of her reasons for serving the university. "For most of us, this is our professional home for 15, 20 or 30 years. It's the family we belong to."

Strage earned a baccalaureat from Lycée Francais de New York, a bachelor's degree from Barnard College, Columbia University and a doctoral degree from UC Berkeley.