SJSU Proposes Impaction Change for Fall 2016

San Jose State University (SJSU) is considering changes to guidelines that would affect transfer students seeking admission to the university in fall 2016 and after. This change does not affect students who have already applied for admission to the university.

Transfers students are currently admitted based only on grade point average. SJSU is considering evaluating transfer students applying to specific programs based on their academic preparation. These students are expected to complete certain courses prior to entering SJSU at the junior level. Our data show students are entering SJSU without fully completing the preparatory coursework, and subsequently taking longer to complete their degrees. Transfer students are enrolling in preparatory courses, limiting availability of these courses for freshman students. This change would allow more students to make timely progress to graduation.

The list of programs that would use course preparation for determining transfer student admissions eligibility are: Biochemistry, Biological Sciences (all), Chemistry, Climate Science, Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering (all), Geology, Kinesiology, Mathematics (all), Meteorology, Philosophy, Physics, and Pre-Nursing. The following programs will give preference to students who have earned an associate degree for transfer (ADT): Art History, English (all), Music, Radio-Film-TV, Spanish, Studio Practice (art), and Theatre Arts.

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Update: March 2015

Between February 26 and March 3, SJSU held three public hearings to solicit comments on the proposed changes.

On March 17, SJSU submitted a final impaction request, including a cover letter and attachments. The request summarizes all public comments. The CSU Chancellor's Office is expected to respond by early April.

If you have questions, please contact Marna Genes, Associate Vice President for Academic Budgets and Planning, Office of the Provost, 408-924-2341.