Panetta Congressional Internship

Panetta Congressional Interns 2012

San Jose State University/Panetta Institute for Public Policy Cooperation

The Panetta Institute for Public Policy is located at California State University, Monterey Bay. Each year they offer two opportunities for San Jose State students.

Congressional Internship Program

During the Spring semester, a San Jose State University student is selected to participate in the Congressional Internship Program for the following Fall semester.

To apply, students need to send materials to Dr. Ron Rogers at by February 13, 2019. A review committee will select the student to be nominated from SJSU. That student will be informed of the decision the next week and will have an interview with the SJSU president.

Panetta Institute Lecture Series

The Institute hosts the Panetta Institute Lecture Series with illustrious speakers, thought leaders and policy experts, several times throughout the Spring term. Students have the opportunity to go to CSU Monterey to participate in the student afternoon lectures and represent San Jose State University. Past speakers have ranged along the political spectrum from Al Gore to Arnold Schwarznegger, and many others.

Please check with the SJSU campus president's office or Ron Rogers at the College of Social Sciences regarding application procedures.

“It was a great experience to be in the same room with these really intelligent and insightful speakers… Reading books is one form of knowledge, but to hear these men speak was a bit more influential. I could hear/feel the passion in their voices regarding the public policies they supported!” (Rochelle Inza-Cruz, SJSU student attendee)