Appointment: AVP Graduate Studies & Research

Pam Stacks

Dr. Pam Stacks

Memo:Pam Stacks Announcement (PDF)

Dr. Pam Stacks was appointed Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies & Research following a national search. Dr. Stacks has been serving as the Interim AVP for Graduate Studies & Research since August 2003. Pam Stacks will begin the position permanently on June 1, 2005.

Dr. Pamela Stacks was hired as an Assistant Professor into the Department of Chemistry at San Jose State University in 1983. She received her A.B. in Biology from Revelle College, UCSD and her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the UCLA Department of Chemistry. Awarded a National Institutes of Health (NIH) postdoctoral fellowship, she studied in the UCLA Department of Biological Chemistry prior to joining the faculty at SJSU.

Dr. Stack’s research and teaching activities have been in the area of physical biochemistry, DNA-protein interactions and recombinant DNA methodologies. Dr. Stacks was a co-founder and Executive Director of the Biotechnology Education and Research Institute (BERI), an organized research unit at SJSU and a co-founder of the statewide organization, CSU Programs in Education and Research in Biotechnology. She received the CSU Biotechnology Andreoli Award for Teaching, Service and Research in Biotechnology (1995). Other awards include SJSU Distinguished Service (2002/2003), and Professor of the Year awards (1988 & 1984) from chemistry students.

Dr. Stacks served as Chair of the Chemistry department for seven years before being appointed in August 2003 to her current position as Interim AVP for Graduate Studies and Research at SJSU. During her tenure as chair, Dr. Stacks was also Chair of the Academic Senate, member of the Senate Executive Committee, and Chair of Organization and Government. Dr. Stacks is currently a member of the following: Board of Directors of the SJSU Foundation, University Planning Council, Academic Senate, Curriculum and Research Committee, task Force on the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics, Enrollment Management Task Force, WASC Steering Committee and Chair of WASC Preparatory Review Committee. In addition, Dr. Stacks serves as the Institutional Official for Human Subjects, and Animal Care and Use at SJSU.

Posted 6/10/2005.