Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 Release Time Grants for Projects to Support Student Success

Memo: Release time grants for projects to support student success
Application: Release time grants for projects to support student success
Assessment Form:
Reconfiguring faculty load to support student success (PDF)
Reconfiguring faculty load to support student success (DOC)

TO:        All Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty
FROM:    University Planning Council
RE:          Release Time Grants for Projects to Support Student Success, Fall 2007 and Spring 2008

In 2004, the University initiated a strategic planning process. University-wide goals that emerged from our strategic planning process emphasize the need to enhance academic quality, enrich students’ experience and invest in faculty as we move toward Vision 2010. As a result of recommendations made by the University Planning Council (UPC), the President has approved funding .20 release for tenured and tenure-track faculty to reconfigure their load. The overall intent of this initiative is to provide strong and meaningful levels of engagement between students and faculty, sending the message that SJSU is distinctive, special and student-centered.

Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals for new and existing projects that support and/or engage San Jose State University students in a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular experiences in the following broad four categories: service learning, mentoring/advising, research, and curricular activities. Some examples might include (but are not limited to):

  • Creative approaches to advising and mentoring students
  • Engaging students in faculty research
  • Engaging students in community projects
  • Collaborative research with community-based groups
  • Guiding students through academic disciplines
  • Advising student clubs
  • Development of co-curricular programs
  • Intensive reading programs
  • Curriculum development project
  • Mentoring diverse students to pursue academic careers
  • Apprentice programs
  • Interdisciplinary projects
  • Grant writing with students
  • Creation of learning environments which are student-centered
  • Integrating community into the educational experience

All tenured and tenure-track faculty are encouraged to apply. Criteria for selection are:

  1. Proposal has clearly defined outcome(s) that are tied to student engagement and success;
  2. Project can be completed in the timeframe described;
  3. Proposal describes an assessment strategy that gathers relevant data

Limit your response to the space on the application form provided. Funding will not be awarded for two consecutive semesters. If applicable, funding is contingent upon the submission of an acceptable assessment report for Spring 2007. Applications must be signed by department chairs and deans and forwarded to the Office of the Provost no later than noon, April 4, 2007. The signed original and 12 copies should be forwarded to the Provost’s Office (ADM 174). Funding decisions will be announced the week of April 30, 2007.

If you have any questions about this funding opportunity, please contact one of the faculty representatives to the UPC: Rona Halualani, John Boothby, Pat Backer, Judith Lessow-Hurley or Terri Thames.