Biology Department: "The Head Room"

Room Filled with Animal Taxidermy

Written by Sarah Souksamphanh


Rhinoceros HeadRhinoceros

What is the Head Room? It is a room that is dedicated to teaching zoology classes. Some of the specimens in the room are deer, antelopes, rhinoceroses, jackals, water buffalos, and the skeletons of two whales. The room contains the heads of animals donated to the biology department by a wealthy dentist in the early seventies when Duncan Hall was first built. The room was designed to capture the attention of the audience and according to Chair Jeff Honda, “the heads are always watching us.” The purpose of the Head Room is to offer the students a unique teaching perspective. In fact, the room has a high educational value because the room offers the exclusive experience of having the specimens at the fingertips of the students. For example, a lot of the specimens in the room can only be found in museums. The room is opened mainly for the students enrolled in the classes and by appointment only.

Whale Skeleton

The skeleton of a whale

 Antelope Heads