Professional Development, Leadership and Onboarding Programs

The Academic Affairs Division offers programs to support professional development, leadership advancement and onboarding for faculty, staff and administrators. Key programs that will be offered in 2016-17 include:

Staff Professional Development Grant AY 2016-17
University 101
Deans' Leadership Academy
Administrator Onboarding
New Chairs Orientation
Academic Affairs Leadership Discovery Group


Staff Professional Development Grant AY 2016-17

The Academic Affairs Division is pleased to continue its support of staff professional development for academic year 2016-17. Staff with a minimum of one year of state service are invited to apply for grants of up to $1,500 for individuals and $5,000 for groups. Proposals must be received in the Provost Office or by email no later than 12 p.m., Friday, March 24, 2017.

Second Call for Proposals (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)


University 101

Faculty OrientationLaunched in fall 2015, University 101 is a voluntary program for new tenure/tenure-track faculty led by former Deputy Provost Dennis Jaehne. The program helps the cohort of new faculty members adjust to the SJSU culture. Participants gather for two-hour sessions once a month for four months to learn about such topics as student demographics and admissions, the Academic Affairs process, budget, shared governance and campus communication, with optional workshops on additional topics. Faculty who attend all four monthly sessions receive a $1,000 stipend to use toward professional development, professional travel or equipment, with those attending 75 percent of the workshops receiving $750. For fall 2015, 38 faculty members completed three to four sessions, with a majority attending all four sessions. Funding is provided by the Office of the Provost.

SJSU Students: Who They Are, How They Get Here and How We Support Them (Sept. 2015)

University 101 September Agenda (PDF)
Admission, Impact and Enrollment (PPT)
Strategies for Reducing Course-Related Complaints (PDF)
S07-2 Academic Integrity Policy (PDF)
Student Conduct Code (PDF)
Behavioral Crisis Intervention Team University 101 Handout (PDF)
Accessible Education Center (PPT)


The Academic Realm: Plans, Priorities, Policies, Processes and Cycles (Oct. 2015)

University 101 October Agenda (PDF)
UNIV 101 Academic Workshop (PPT)
Probation and DQ: Helping Students (PPT)
Articulation, SB 1440 (PPT)
Assessment (PPT)
Program Planning (PPT)


The Colors of Money: How We Get It and How We Spend It (Nov. 2015)

University 101 November Agenda (PDF)
SJSU Budgets (PPT)
AAD Budgets (PPT)
RSCA and Grants (PDF)
Course Releases & Overloads (PPT)
CIES Special Session (PPT)
Tower Foundation (PPT)


Citizen SJSU: Shared Governance, Service and Public Affairs (Dec. 2015)

University 101 December 2015 Agenda (PDF)
Chicano/Latino Student Success Task Force (PPT)


Deans' Leadership Academy

Launched in fall 2014, the Deans' Leadership Academy is a voluntary program for faculty who are interested in taking on roles with increasing responsibility. In the last two years, 35 faculty members have applied and been selected to participate in the year-long program. Participants learn about higher education, CSU policies and procedures, and leadership through regular group meetings. Humanities and the Arts Dean Lisa Vollendorf created the program and oversees it with deans from each of the colleges contributing to the budget for it. Applications are being accepted for the 2016-17 cohort through September 2, at noon. Read the Call for Participation 2016 and apply online.

Overview of the Deans' Leadership Academy (PDF)


Administrator Onboarding

Launched in summer 2015, Administrator Onboarding is a mandatory program for new Academic Affairs AVPs and deans as well as a voluntary program for campus administrators in other division led by former Academic Senate Chair Lynda Heiden. The program supported six new Academic Affairs administrators and two university vice presidents (Student Affairs and University Advancement) in 2015-16 in acclimating to SJSU and the surrounding area, gaining familiarity with the campus units and resources, and introducing them to the culture of the university. The group met weekly in July and August, then biweekly during the fall semester. Representatives from multiple divisions and units across campus discussed their work and interface with Academic Affairs, including members of the Academic Senate Executive Committee, the African-American and Latino/a Student Success Task Forces, Student Affairs, the University Police department and others. Funding for this program is provided by the Office of the Provost.

Onboarding Schedule and Topics (PDF)
New Employee Orientation (PDF)
An Introduction to the SJSU Academic Senate (PDF)
SJSU Acronyms (PDF)


New Chair Orientation

Orientation for new chairs and directors is a one-day program that provides tools for former faculty members who are transitioning into a role of leadership in their colleges. Sessions include topics on university budgets; institutional research; faculty development resources; curriculum, program, planning, accreditation and assessment; fundraising; RTP and recruitment processes; HR and Accessible Education Center resources.

New Chair Orientation Agenda (PDF)
10 Suggestions for a New Department Chair (PDF)
Leave Policy (PDF)
Academic Affairs Budget (PDF)


Academic Affairs Leadership Discovery Group

Academic Affairs Leadership Discovery Group 2015-16 CohortLaunched in 2013, the Academic Affairs Leadership Discovery Group is a voluntary program for Academic Affairs faculty and staff members created by Professor Annette Nellen and currently facilitated by Professor Peter Allen Lee. Each year, faculty and staff members are invited to apply for the year-long program, with more than 100 people participating to date. Participants complete a summer reading assignment that helps them to understand their professional development needs before beginning once-a-month lunch meetings from Sept.-May. As part of the program, participants are guided through creating a career action plan to help them meet their professional goals. For the Fall 2016-17 cohort, participants will meet for seven sessions in the fall semester to hear from campus leaders about their own career journey. Funding is provided by the Office of the Provost.

Overview of Academic Affairs Leadership Discovery Group (PDF)
Supplemental Materials from Academic Affairs Leadership Discovery Group (PDF)