Staff Professional Development Grant


AY 2018-19 Program

The Division of Academic Affairs is pleased to provide funding to support staff professional development related to enhancing employee effectiveness. Categories for which funds may be used include, but are not limited to, training programs, conferences, relevant research projects, staff retreats, team building activities or an in-service training. Proposals will be reviewed by a Grant Proposal Review Committee comprised of staff from across the Division.


All San Jose State staff employees in the Academic Affairs Division with a minimum of 1 yr. of state service are eligible and invited to submit proposals, either individually or as a group. Students/student assistants, temporary and auxiliary employees are not eligible.


Grant applications and signed proposals must be received in the Provost Office or by email to no later than 12 pm, November 5. Late proposals will not be accepted.


The maximum grant amount is $1,500 for individuals and up to $5000 for group proposals. Please be aware that due to limited funds, full funding is not guaranteed so departmental or college support is encouraged.

Criteria & Priority

Proposals will not be approved if comparable activities are provided by SJSU through University Personnel, Center for Faculty Development, Skillport, or other means (e.g. your dept./college). Staff professional development will be construed in the context of direct enhancement of employee effectiveness. The committee will consider potential
for impact and relevance of the activity to the individual’s role and the University’s Strategic Goals:
1) Educate for Engagement and Innovation
2) Academic Excellence and Leadership
3) Thriving Quality of Life
4) Connect, Engage, Contribute
5) Campus Development and Sustainability

Proposal Format

Proposals must be typed and limited to no more than one page. Please include signed grant application and supporting documentation such as an invitation, brochure or webpage with description of the conference/class/activity.


All funds must be expended by August 30, 2019. It is important to pay close attention to Procurement’s end of year processing deadlines. Funds will be transferred to the colleges. Recipients who do not use the funding allocation should notify

Professional Development Report

Recipients are required to provide a written report to their supervisor and the Provost Office
( within 30 days of the activity and no later than August 30, 2019. The report should summarize the activity and how it contributed to the department/college’s mission and/or the University’s Strategic Goals. Report activities may be published on the Division website and newsletter. Failure to submit the report may affect future grant awards.


Contact Jessica Larsen at 924-2400 or or review the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of things can these grants be used for?

  • Grants can be used for a range of professional development activities. Examples include: attending a conference or workshop in your specialty, bringing a speaker or trainer to campus, purchasing a membership to a professional organization, sponsoring a staff retreat devoted to professional development, taking training on a particular software package, etc.
  • The grants cannot be used to pay fees for classes offered at SJSU. They also cannot duplicate training currently offered through other campus means. See the following websites for already existing training resources.

There are grants for individuals and grants for groups.  Can I apply for both?

  • Yes, you may apply for both; however, the limited amount of funding might mean that only one award is given.

How are groups formed?  Does it have to be just the people from my own department?

  • No, a group doesn’t need to consist only of members of the same department. They may come from any unit in the Division of Academic Affairs. If you find other people from different units that have the same need or interest, you can form a group.

How many people have to be in a group? 

  • A group is 3 or more people.

The announcement says that a report must be turned in within 30 days of completing the activity.  Who writes that report?

  • If the grant is for an individual, then the individual writes the report.
  • If the grant is for a group, all members of the group are responsible for seeing that the report is submitted. The group should designate which member will write the report, and should then confirm it gets submitted.

Who decides whether the request is funded?

  • A committee comprised of staff members will evaluate and rank the applications.

How is this program supported?

  • This is one-time funding that the Provost committed to staff professional development.

Who is supposed to sign the proposal form?

  • If the grant is for an individual, the immediate supervisor signs and forwards to their MPP.
    • In a college, for example, the immediate supervisor might be a department chair, who would sign and then forward to the Dean. Or the immediate supervisor might be the College Resource Analyst, who would sign and then forward to the Dean.
    • In an AVP unit, for example, the immediate supervisor might be an AVP, who would sign and then forward to the Deputy Provost.
  • If the grant is for a group, each member of the group would get the signature of their immediate supervisor and MPP.

What happens if the conference I want to go to will cost more than the maximum $1500? 

  • The College/Department/Unit may be able to cover some additional costs. Please consult with your supervisor. The proposal form has a place to list any additional funding that might be available.

If my proposal is approved, do I still have to request permission to travel?