Special O Parking Permit Application

The form is used to request a Special O parking permit for faculty who travel to and from off-campus sites as part of their courses. You must apply each semester.

Please note that effective Fall 2006 semester, you will be required to submit verification of completion of defensive driving course prior to receiving the Special O permits.

To register for training, contact Safety and Risk Services at 4-2155 or visit the Defensive Driving Program Website. Drivers need to be recertified every four years.

Employees can verify completion of defensive driving course in PeopleSoft by following this procedure: Log into MySJSU and go to Self Service >> Learning & Development or Campus Personal Information >> Licenses & Certificates



Please submit the completed form with required signatures to the Office of the Provost. If approved, your name will be given to Traffic and Parking Operations where you can pick up your permit.