21st Century Teaching and Learning Spaces Updates


  • Update classrooms with appropriate technology to facilitate instruction.
  • Equip classrooms with updated furniture (including accessible furniture and instructor tables) that allows instructors to create set-ups that meet their instructional needs.
  • Provide training for faculty, staff and students on how to use available hardware and software to improve learning and assessment.

Budget Allocations

See detail on budget allocations for Priority group 1.

More than 100 classrooms received upgrades to furniture, shades and white boards.

2015-16 Completed Action Items

  • Surveyed faculty in upgraded rooms to get feedback on new blinds, instructional technology and whiteboards.
  • Team members are visited all the classes upgraded with new furniture to review layout and worked to rearrange seating as needed over winter break.
  • Approved new furniture proposal for H&A classrooms.
  • Approved proposal to upgrade the MLK Library group study rooms with video screens, laptop connectors, whiteboards, and new furniture. It is anticipated that city library funds will also help with the project.
  • Created functional criteria to identify lecture rooms that do not meet our minimum standards. The goal is to secure additional funding in the future to bring all lecture rooms up to these standards.
  • Provided funding for several informal learning space projects. The College of Science is in the process of purchasing furniture for two spaces in Duncan Hall. The University Library improved study areas with the installation of 48” video screens with laptop connectors in 23 group study rooms and new collaboration tables in 34 group study rooms. They also replaced wooden chairs with 318 state-of-the art node chairs. The library supplemented the 21st Century Teaching and Learning Spaces funds to provide 60 mobile whiteboards in 39 study rooms, and Facilities, Development and Operation (FD&O) staff painted all the rooms. Before and after photos, available to view online, highlight that the spaces are functional and also inviting.

Summer 2015 Completed Action Items

  • Fixed seating upgrades were completed in five large lecture classrooms, including DMH 150, SCI 164, SCI 258, WSQ 109 and DH 135.
  • In partnership with Academic Technology, the team completed technology updates to 36 classrooms.
  • The team began work on technology upgrades in 10 classrooms that required infrastructure changes with the support of Academic Technology and FD&O.
  • Nearly 100 classrooms received new and updated furniture and instructor tables, with some of the items repurposed to other locations on campus and some donated to Franklin McKinley School District.
  • New whiteboards were installed in 35 classrooms and new mecho shades were installed in 56 classrooms. See the list of classes that received blind replacements and a list of other classroom improvement work.

2014-15 Completed Action Items

  • Conducted a survey of more than 600 faculty members on how they use existing technology and what technology would most benefit them in the future, as well as which classrooms are in most need of updates. See survey results (PDF).
  • Analyzed the results of the survey and reviewed the usage of each class/lab space to compile a list of FTES-generating classrooms that are most in need of improvements and are used by the most students based on FTES. See the final recommendations (PDF).
  • Visited classrooms to confirm needs, such as relocating/replacing whiteboards, replacing blinds, moving pull-down screens so they don’t cover whiteboards, and/or replacing projectors.
  • Identified new furniture solutions for classrooms and solicited input from colleges on which classrooms to update to most benefit faculty and students.

Proposed Action Items From Initial Plan


  • The team has prioritized 95 classrooms and labs across campus (including rooms from all instructional buildings) based on FTES impact of rooms and faculty comments in the recent survey.  Currently, FD&O is reviewing the requests to propose a summer plan (and budget) for upgrades to blinds, paint, lighting controls, and related improvements. Completed.
  • Six large-lecture theaters will have their fixed seating upgraded during summer 2015. Completed.
  • Work to equip learning spaces with appropriate technology, furniture (including accessible furniture), climate control, whiteboards and lighting to support effective learning. Completed.
  • The Team, working with Academic Technology, is finalizing a plan for summer refresh and installation of classroom technology. 
  • In collaboration with ITS, we are finalizing designs for summer upgrades in seven classrooms, to include lecture capture and/or telepresence capability.
  • SCI 142 will have technology upgrades during summer 2016.
  • The Team is collecting specific furniture replacement requests from the colleges for the identified rooms so that we can place an order with manufacturers before the end of March. Completed.
  • Work to provide faculty, students, and staff with access to, training in, and knowledge about hardware and a comprehensive suite of supporting software applications that promote and improve learning and assessment.
  • In addition to current software and support offered through eCampus, we are exploring a campus wide license for an academic integrity solution for online courses (e.g., Proctor U), to be provided by the university for all online courses.

Team Leader
Thalia Anagnos, AVP, Graduate and Undergraduate Programs (2014-15)

Former team leaders
Carl Kemnitz, Deputy Provost (summer 2015)
Dennis Jaehne, former AVP for Graduate and Undergraduate Programs (2014-15)


Team Members
Bem Cayco, Chair, Department of Mathematics (faculty representative)
Fred Cohen, Chair, School of Music and Dance (faculty representative)
Marna Genes, AVP, Academic Planning and Budgets
Ruth Kifer, Dean, University Library
Chris Laxton, Director, Academic Technology
Roya Lillie, Student, English
Michael Parrish, Dean, College of Science
Jennifer Redd, Director, eCampus
Matthew Stephens, Student, Mechanical Engineering