Helpful Links (Internal Use Only)

This page provides links to budget-related documents, processes, and activities that are managed by units outside of the Provost's Office.

Budget Development (A&F)

People Budgeting

CSU Operating Fund Benefits


Business Plans (A&F)

College of International and Extended Studies, Graduate Business Professional Fee, Transfer Orientation Program, Special Session Big-7, Summer/Winter Intersession

General Information


Department Organization Changes (A&F)

Guidelines, Form, and Checklist


Grant Opportunities (CFD)

Internal Grants for Faculty

Grant Writing Support


Relevant Financial Training (CMS)

Training and System Access

Recommended Course Tracks

Finance Courses

HR Courses


Student Fees (A&F and CIES)

Campus Fee Advisory Committee

The Role of CFAC

Understanding Fee Types

Campus Fee Proposals

Student Success, Excellence and Technology Fee (Category II)

SSETF Information

Self-Support Fee (Category V)

Proposing a New Program