Untenured Faculty Organization (UFO)

Upcoming Events


Uncoding the Jargon:
All About WASC
When: Tues 4/22 @ 12-1
Where: BUS 32

Getting Grants
Sept. 2014


UFO meetings are held 4:30-5:30pm the 1st Wed. of each month in the Administration Building (ADM) Room 167

Upcoming Meetings: 4/2, 5/7

Mission UFO

  • To support probationary, tenure-track faculty at San Jose State University in scholarship, teaching, professional, service and collegial activities
  • To promote positive communications between the untenured faculty and the various units of Academic Affairs
  • To provide increased opportunities for probationary faculty to develop their leadership skills and service activities
  • To create a collegial social support network and foster personal friendships and a sense of community among the probationary faculty
  • To offer a safe and confidential forum for open dialogue, discussion, and conversation among its members