UFO Officers

Results of the 2014-2015 UFO Election

President (acting)
Jeffrey Benson
Vice President John Delacruz
Secretary Christina Mune


Public Relations Chair Anthony Raynsford
Elections Chair
Annalise Van Wyngarden
Historian/Blogger Josh Nelson
Diversity & Multicultural
Issues Chair
Chunlei Wang
Internship and Service    Learning Chair Tabitha Hart
Grants Support Chair Lionel Cheruzel
Teaching Technologies Chair Felipe Gomez
Leadership Development Chair
Altovise Rogers
RTP Issues Chair Menglin Jin


Unfortunately, Ralph McLaughlin has stepped down as UFO president due to his current Leave of Absence. We thank Ralph McLaughlin for his service as President to the UFO.

Jeffrey Benson will be acting as UFO president until a new election for president and vice president is held.