Faculty Service Recognition and Awards Luncheon

Pay by Hospitality Payment

To purchase tickets through a Hospitality Payment in FTS, please complete the following steps:

  1. Determine the total cost due, based on the number of Honorees at each table (Each ticket is $32.00, Honorees receive complimentary tickets for themselves and one guest.):

    Individual Ticket $32.00 each
    No Honorees, 10 Attendees $320.00
    1 Honoree and 9 Attendees $288.00
    2 Honorees/Guests and 8 Attendees $256.00
    3 Honorees/Guests and 7 Attendees $224.00
    4 Honorees/Guests and 6 Attendees $192.00
    5 Honorees/Guests and 5 Attendees $160.00
    6 Honorees/Guests and 4 Attendees $128.00


  2. In the "Payee" section of the Hospitality Payment form, fill-out the chartfield string as follows:



    Dept ID




    580094 78018 1341   1203  


  3. After submitting payment, contact Alma Livingston (almamaria.livingston@sjsu.edu) with the Hospitality Payment voucher number, guest names, and meal choices.

You must complete all three steps to ensure your reservation!


Meal Choices

Beef: Braised Short Rib with caramelized shallot and bacon marmalade, Gorgonzola spiked potatoes gratin, and roasted asparagus
Fish: Pan Seared Salmon with dill crème fraîche, lemon chive risotto cake, seared sweet cherry tomatoes and haricot verts
Vegan Lasagna: Roasted vegetable lasagna with creamy saffron al fresco sauce