Aemal Aminy

Aemal Aminy

Dean's Scholar

College of Applied Sciences and Arts
Health Science

I chose Health Science because I want to make a commitment to Public Health. This will allow me to promote health and wellness in the world at the macro level influencing many lives; rather than one person at a time in a clinical setting at the micro level.

To me this award means anything I put my mind to I can achieve, so long as I dream big and continue to work hard. Ultimately, this award means the life lessons my parents, family members and teachers has bestowed upon me has paid off.

The most influential people in my life who have contributed to my academic success are my grandparents. They've always instilled in me the importance of higher education and the fact that it is never too late to obtain it. Education is the universal key that unlocks.

Aim for the Stars!! Set your goals high and you will get there. If you aim for straight A's and end up with A's and B's you’re still successful; if you aim for just passing a class that’s all you'll get a passing grade. Finally, always learn from your mistakes and look forwards not backwards.

My future plans are to obtain a PhD, and to use my education, resources, and skills to promote healthier communities across the world. Like our Health Science motto says it is all about "making choices that matter."


A few words from his nominating professor:

Aemal, “an Afghan refugee as a boy, is one of the most personable, enthusiastic, generous, and inclusive young people I’ve ever met.  I always to Aemal for a sound byte or pep talk to others.  He is joyous, enthusiastic, and giving”.
– Professor Kathleen Roe