Amy Marseline

Amy Marseline

Dean's Scholar

College of Applied Sciences and Arts
Health Science

I chose Health Science because of the Gerontology concentration. I had heard nothing but great things about SJSU’s program, and it came highly recommended by my counselor at Gavilan College since she knew that I wanted a career working with older adults and their families in a healthcare/social service capacity.

Receiving this award never gets old. It is an amazing thing to be recognized by the University, the Faculty, and my peers for my academic accomplishments, especially since I am a late- entry student with a rather spotty academic record from high school and junior high school.

It may sound corny, but school is what I have been most successful at in life (up until this point), and it is an honor to have that hard work and dedication recognized and appreciated.

My Mom, my stepfather, Mark, and my Uncle Steve have all been influential in my life and have all contributed greatly to my academic success. Without their tireless support, I would not be where I am today, and I cannot thank them enough.

My Dad has contributed to my academic success by being a constant cheerleader and emotional supporter… I will never tire of hearing how proud he is of my accomplishments.

Last, but definitely not least, my partner, Paula, has been a positive, life-changing influence in my life, and has also contributed greatly to my academic success by being a never ending source of love and support. The world through her eyes is an amazing thing to behold, and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience it, and all of its wonder, through a lifetime of shared love and companionship.

On an academic level, many professors, counselors, and peers have helped contribute to my academic success during my time as an undergrad. Just to name a few (but definitely not all):

  • Johanna Stewart (Gavilan College counselor)
  • Erin Crook (Gavilan College English professor)
  • Dr. Kathleen Roe (SJSU HS Department chair/HS professor extraordinaire)
  • Dr. Nancy Hikoyeda (former director of the Gerontology program and professor at SJSU).

All of the above mentioned people have believed in me (even when I didn’t) and have helped me become successful. Your support, love, and dedication have proven invaluable on my educational journey, and I can’t thank you enough! I consider myself fortunate to have such an amazing network of family, friends, professors, and colleagues, and I look forward to the continued journey ahead.

Believe in yourself and in your passion, and don’t be afraid to utilize the support around you to help you achieve your goals.

I was recently accepted to SJSU’s Master in Social Work program for Fall 2010, so I’m coming back to campus for another two years and I couldn’t be happier!

After Graduate school, I hope to work as a Geriatric Care Manager, or in some related career working with older adults in a Social Work/Social Service setting.


A few words from her nominating professor:

Amy “works at the Health Trust, very interested in aging issues.”  She is “committed to public health and human rights, she is smart, focused, and articulate.  Very hard worker and always comes through.”
Professor Kathleen Roe