Charles Fowler

Charles Fowler

Dean's Scholar

College of Social Sciences
Social Science

I chose social science because the classes covered a diverse amount of topics from history and geography to women and ethnic studies. All these courses better equip me for my future as a teacher in the local community.

Three professors positively impacted my intellectual development, Dr. Ochoa, Dr.Alaniz, and Dr. Bahkru.  They helped me develop a better understanding of my role as an effective educator and a maker of history not just a teacher of it.

My future goals include hopefully continuing my education on the graduate level, documenting my work as an educator, and eventually creating an educational space for at risk youth here in San Jose.

The only advice I have is for future teachers and it is, treat every experience as a learning one and never forget the power of the human experience and human struggle, much that I've learned here at SJSU was not from a book, but with dialogue among peers about their lives and struggles.


A few words from his nominating professor:

Charles is an impressive young man who is passionately committed to teaching in a school in an under-served area.  His life experience has led him to his career goal.  His parents were absent and could not provide guidance, but a caring teacher in high school gave him hope for a better future.  Charles aspires to emulate this teacher in his work with students.  He has endured many hardships, but these experiences have only strengthened his resolve to reach out to youth who may not feel they belong in school.

Charles is impressive in his passion, but what is most impressive is his ability to apply theory.  He is a student in my course Social Science 195: Theory and Practice.  Social Science 195 is a senior level seminar class.  Charles has emerged as a leader in terms of his insightful comments regarding the theories and ability to use theoretical frameworks to explain real life experiences.

I am confident that Charles will attain his goal.  He is unique in his high level of commitment to educational equity, his background and his ability to fully understand the importance of using theory to fully understand and attempt to resolve the most critical problems in the schools.  He is highly motivated to focus on issues of educational equity in his future career. 
– Professor Maria Alaniz