Robert McGuigan

Robert McGuigan

President's Scholar
College of Science

During high school, I developed a strong interest in mathematics, and so when I began college life at SJSU, becoming a math major was the obvious choice. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what career I wanted to pursue after getting my bachelor’s degree. For a while, I thought that I would enjoy teaching mathematics at the high school level. However, the longer I studied college-level math, the more I enjoyed it, and I have since decided that I would rather pursue a Ph. D. and become a college professor.

To me, being honored as a President’s Scholar serves as motivation to continue to work hard to succeed in my classes. I appreciate the fact that SJSU takes the time and effort to recognize students who have performed exceptionally well.

Despite my numerous changes of plans, my family has always been there to support me. Since my youth, my parents have continually stressed the importance of putting one’s best foot forward, especially when it comes to schoolwork. All of the professors in the Mathematics Department at SJSU with whom I have had the pleasure of working have been outstanding. Dr. Hsu, Dr. Schmeichel, Dr. Bremer, and Dr. Kubelka (just to name a few) have all made my studies both challenging and entertaining, and have helped me shape my plans for the future with great advice.

Perhaps the most important key to academic excellence, in mathematics or any other field, is to study something that you enjoy. It is highly unlikely that you will put forth the effort needed to achieve good academic standing if you dread the classes of your own major. You can be sure you are getting the best education possible when you are motivated to go beyond the requirements of your classes and learn things on your own.

A few words from his nominating professor:

“Robert is among the top 5-10 students I’ve taught in 35+ years of university teaching.”

– Professor Rick Kubelka