The Alan E. Kazdin Endowed Lecture in Psychology

Lucina Q. Uddin, Ph.D.

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 Past Speakers

This annual lecture is supported by a generous endowment
honoring the work of Dr. Alan E. Kazdin, Musser Professor of
Psychology at Yale University, Director of the Yale Parenting
Center, and an alumnus of the SJSU Psychology Department (1967).

Each year we invite a distinguished and influential speaker to
inspire a new generation of psychologists and shape the future
of our field and our society.

2018 Lecture
Lucina Q. Uddin, Ph.D.

"Brain Connectivity in Autism and

Typical Development"  


February 12, 2018
Student Union Theatre
3:30 p.m.
Admission: FREE 

Dr. Uddin was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh, and immigrated to the United States with her parents at a young age. Her curiosity about the brain led her to pursue neuroscience in both college and graduate school. Now as an associate professor at the University of Miami, Dr. Uddin uses neuroimaging (MRI and functional MRI) to study the brains of adults, typically developing children, and children with autism. Specifically, her research aims to better understand how brain development differs between neurotypical children and those with autism. Her findings indicate that differences are found not in a single region of the brain, but rather in how multiple brain regions are connected to support cognition. These differences in structural and functional connectivity among core networks of the brain can in turn lead to the difficulties with flexible behavior that are characteristic of autism. 

Kazdin Lecture flyer (pdf)