Summer 2016 Syllabi

The semester’s schedule is listed below. Click on the course link to download the associated syllabus in PDF format. If the course number is not linked, the instructor has not provided a syllabus to the Department. For these courses, please contact the instructor directly.

Course Sec. Title Days Time Location Instructor
PSYC 001 1 General Psychology   online   Olga Rosito
PSYC 030 1 Introductory Psychobiology TR 09:00AM-12:45PM HGH217 Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland
PSYC 100W 1 Writing Workshop TR 01:00PM-02:55PM HGH120 Laree Huntsman
PSYC 102 1 Child Psychology MW 09:00AM-01:10PM HGH120 Laura Jones
PSYC 110 1 Abnormal Psychology MW 09:00AM-01:10PM HGH124 Steven Del Chiaro
PSYC 117 1 Psychological Tests and Measures MW 09:00AM-01:10PM HGH122 Sandra Trafalis
PSYC 120 10 Adv. Research Methods and Design MW 09:00AM-10:55AM HGH118 Mark Van Selst
PSYC 120 11 Adv. Research Methods and Design MW 11:00AM-12:00PM HGH118 Mark Van Selst
PSYC 135 1 Cognition TR 11:00AM-12:55PM HGH120 Laree Huntsman
PSYC 139 1 Psychology of Personality TR 11:00AM-02:45PM HGH217 Vincent Favilla
PSYC 142 1 Child Psychopathology TR 09:00AM-12:45PM HGH124 Leslye Tinson
PSYC 154 1 Social Psychology TR 09:00AM-12:45PM HGH122 Arlene Asuncion
PSYC 158 1 Perception MW 11:00AM-02:45PM HGH120 Steven Macramalla
PSYC 173 1 Human Factors TR 01:00PM-04:45PM HGH124 David Schuster
PSYC 190 1 Current Issues Capstone MW 01:00PM-05:10PM HGH118 Joanna Fanos