Advising Hours


Drop-In Undergraduate Advising


Please come PREPARED for advising.  




  • Online application for Graduation Information
    • "Press the button" on MyAcademics page after examing your outstanding requirements via the MyProgress report (and meeting with your major and minor advisor)
    • all but same semester applications for graduation are entirely online
    • if the application link is not yet active for you, talk with an advisor.
  • changing major (run myAcademics "what if" and have transfer advising report and unofficial SJSU transcipt available)
  • changing graduation date, or other SJSU forms (bring requested attachments)
    • Forms (Office of the Registrar) 
      • some of this will be done online but the information from the forms is useful
    • MyAcademics --> MyProgress (or a "what if" assessment of a psychology degree)
  • PSYC advising & major forms 
    • for most students we use the computer degree audit, the hardcpy BA Major or BS Major forms can be useful for planning
    • there are 2 and 4 year planners for the BA and the BS (also see MyPlanner); most students will now use the Fall 2019 BA program
  • see "MyGPS" for a suite of helpful tools for planing and advisement at SJSU
    • Unofficial transcripts (SJSU / transfer)
    • MySJSU -> MyAcademics -> Progress Report [tells you what computer thinks you are missing]

Each graduate program has one faculty member designated as the program coordinator who is also the official program advisor. Graduate students who are writing a thesis also choose a thesis advisor from among the faculty.   


Fall 2019 ADVISING

After Dec 9: use email

Dr. Mark Van Selst
DMH 314 | 408-924-5674 (email preferred) |

  • Mon 12-1:30 PM
  • Tue 11-3 PM (not Sept 17, Nov 12)
  • Wed 12-1:30 PM (not Aug 28, Sept 18, Nov 13)

Dr. Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland

DMH 317 | 408 924 5645 (email preferred) |

  • Tue 3-6 PM
  • Thu 3-6 PM

Dr. Patrick Cravalho

DMH 319 | 408 924 5622 (email preferred) |

  • Mon 9-11 AM
  • Tue 9-11 AM
  • Thu 9-11 AM (not Oct 17)

Dr. Megumi Hosoda

DMH 315 | 408-924-5637 (email preferred) |

  • Mon 1:15-4:15 PM
  • Wed 1:15-4:15 PM (only 3-4:15 on Nov 13)


If needed, Psychology Advisors can schedule advising appointments outside of their posted hours. Please contact them directly. Be aware that summer and winter availabilty can be limited. 

Students can meet with any faculty member for general advising, but should meet with the currently active advisor(s) when a signature is needed and/or for special circumstances.

The ACCESS Center also has General Advising (esp. re: GE):

If you choose to email multiple advisors the same question, please CC each so that we know if you've been responded to.