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Separate advising arrangements are provided for the undergraduate and graduate programs. For graduate programs, check with your program coordinator. For undergradaute programs, check the advising hours posted.

Many students benefit from contact with other (non-advisor) psychology faculty whose area of expertise matches their own interests. These people are often useful sources of information and provide important mentoring and can provide informal career guidance.

Undergraduate Advising 1.2.3.

1. Meet With Your Advisor

  • Check our current advising hours.
  • Meet with a Faculty Advisor at least once a year.
  • If you are not yet a Psychology Major (per MySJSU), then read our policy, "Declaring a Psychology Major Under Impaction (pdf)," and complete a Change of Major form if you meet the impaction criteria.
  • Remember to bring your (1) major form, (2) MySJSU degree progress report, and (3) any unofficial transcripts for courses that are not yet included in the degree audit.

2. Develop a Major Form

  • Download the appropriate Major Form:
    Current Forms
  • Log in to MySJSU, use "degree progress" to access your "academic advising report"
  • If a transfer student, check for course articulation between your CC and SJSU -- just because it has a similar name does NOT mean the course will automatically qualify. Similarly, even if we do not have a posted articulation agreement with your transfer institution, we MAY accept the course (see an advisor to confirm any non-posted articulation -- you MAY need a course equivalency form to tell future advisors that the course has been deemed as an acceptable alternative for psychology). A lower division course (e.g., any from a community college) will not articulate against an upper division course (SJSU course number greater than 99)

3. Graduate!

  • Plan to file a Graduation Application with the Student Service Center approximately a year before the term in which you expect to fulfill all degree requirements (minimum "priority" dates are posted on the form).
  • Meet with your Minor Advisor (if applicable) and have your minor form completed and signed.
  • Bring a MySJSU degree progress report (print tabs 1, 2, and 3), your graduation application (complete online and print), a signed minor form in a sealed envelope from your minor department (if appropriate), and your (currently unsigned) Major form to your Faculty Advisor.
  • We will supply you with a copy of your (now completed) major form and your graduation application for your own records. You will take the whole package (with the major form in a sealed envelope) to the Student Services Center, window R.