BA in Psychology

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B.A. Program Learning Outcomes

BA in Psychology

Declared Fall 2007 to present (can be adopted by earlier majors)

Effective Fall 2007, Students pursuing a BA in Psychology who entered SJSU after Fall 2007 MUST follow this plan (no required minor, 6 units upper-division psychology electives, 3 units upper or lower division psychology electives). Prior Majors MAY follow this plan or the plan in effect when they first entered continuous enrollment in California Higher Education (after 2004= minor is required, 3 units upper division psychology electives, 3 units upper or lower division psychology electives). Please see a Psychology Department advisor if you have any questions. You are strongly advised to visit with an academic advisor as soon and as frequently as possible. Doing so will both ensure an appropriate sequencing of courses and will likely yeild a more efficient path to graduation.

A. Lower-Division Core Courses (9 units)

Course Number Description
PSYC 001 General Psychology
PSYC 030 Introductory Psychobiology
STAT 095 Elementary Statistics

B. Upper-Division Core Courses (27 Units)

Course Number Description
PSYC 100W Writing workshop (passed with a "C" or better)
PSYC 102 Child Psychology
PSYC 110 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 120 Upper-Division Research Methods

Select one course from each of the following categories


Course Number Description
PSYC 135 Cognition
PSYC 155 Human Learning
PSYC 158 Perception

Human Aspects

Course Number Description
PSYC 139 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 154 Social Psychology


Course Number Description
PSYC 117 Psychological Tests and Measures
STAT 115 Intermediate Statistics

Focus Areas

Course Number Description
PSYC 129 Neuroscience
PSYC 160 Clinical Psychology
PSYC 170 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Capstone Experience

Course Number Description
PSYC 190 Current Issues in Psychology
PSYC 195 Senior Honors Seminar

C. Electives (8 - 9 Units)*

Typically any three Psychology courses (i.e., must have a PSYC or STAT prefix).

*The "8 units" assumes the 120 unit degree requirement has been met.

Note: A maximum of three units can be lower-division (<100 or community college)

D. Courses in Support of the Major (3 Units)

BIOL 21, Human biology (includes lab), or BIOL 65, human anatomy (includes lab)