About the Reading Program

 The Campus Reading Program involves the members of our campus, students and employees, reading the same book.  A book is selected each year that students, faculty and staff are encouraged to read during the summer.  Then at the start of the fall semester, readers engage in critique and analysis of the book in small discussions groups.  This has become a common practice at many universities as a way to help members of a campus community connect - to have something in common - to engage with each other in talking about their perspectives of a book and to engage in a lively and intellectual manner through a variety of campus activities offered around the book.  A book read by many enriches a campus community.

In selecting a book, we look for a bestseller to increase the likelihood of SJSU readers also being able to connect to readers off-campus.  We also look for a book that is engaging and likely to be of wide interest.  The book should provide a range of topics for discussions and lead readers to look at a topic in a different way than they might have before reading the book.  This is what a university education is designed to do - to broaden one's perspectives and ways of looking at the world.  The book selected does not indicated any particular point of view held by San Jose State University as an institution.  The book selected might deal with a sensitive or controversial topic, but university-level readers know that that makes for an enriched learning experience.