Events & Discussions

Fall 2017 Small Book Discussion Groups

Clark Hall 100H

One hour book discussion opportunities – you may come to CL 100H (the Fishbowl Room) on any of the following days & times.  Share your thoughts, hear from others – maybe win a door prize!

09/07  THU  12 pm - 1 pm

09/13  WED  12 pm - 1 pm

09/21  THU  3 pm - 4 pm

09/27  WED  1 pm - 2 pm

10/04  WED   3 pm - 4 pm 

10/16  MON  12 pm - 1 pm 

10/24  TUE  11 am - 12 pm 

11/02  THU  12 pm - 1 pm

11/08  WED  12 pm - 1 pm

11/16  THU  1 pm - 2 pm

11/20  MON  12 pm - 1 pm

12/05  TUE  2 pm - 3 pm

Click here for a list of discussion questions to consider.
And for those interested in a more detailed and developed study guide designed for a six week long analysis of the book with weekly sessions, see the free guide prepared by the United Church of Christ for any interested readers of Hot Dogs and Hamburgers . 

Special Events Calendar


Learn about Literacy Outreach going on here and now!
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 1:30 pm
Martin Luther King Jr. Library Room 225

A panel will present information on Reading Partners, an outreach program to local youth based in the
Lurie College of Education, and Partners in Reading, an adult literacy program offered at this public library. Come find out what these programs are about, and hear the perspectives of participants, too. Find out ways you can help, if at all interested -- some small, some large!


Author Comes To SJSU!
Thursday, October 26, 3:30 p.m.
Morris Dailey Auditorium

Rob Shindler, author of Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, will be here to speak on campus in Morris Dailey Auditorium on Thursday, October 26, at 3:30 p.m.. Free to all. Bring your book and get it autographed!
Event Flyer


Rites of Passage – Roundtable Discussion Over Lunch
Wednesday, November 1, 12:00 – 1:15 pm
Student Union, Room 2

As Spartans we all belong to various communities, and as students we have all experienced some rite of passage on our journey to San Jose State University. What is a rite of passage exactly, what purpose does it serve, what rights and obligations does it entail, and is it always connected to community? Moreover, why are some rites more difficult than others, and are they always worth the effort? Using the Jewish Bar and Bat Mitzvah episode in Hot Dogs & Hamburgers as a springboard into our roundtable discussions, we will explore together the rites of passage we have experienced and where they have led us in pursuit of our social selves.

This interactive, multimodal event, led by Rabbi Joshua Berkenwald of Congregation Sinai, will feature film clips, student facilitated roundtable discussions, and Jewish cuisine.

Sponsored by the Campus Reading Program; SJSU Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs; SJSU Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; SJSU Jewish Student Union; SJSU Jewish Faculty & Staff Association: and Hillel of Silicon Valley.

Confronting Challenges: Academic Success and Disability--Two Recent SJSU Graduates Share their Stories
Wednesday, November 8, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Martin Luther King Jr. Library 225

This panel discussion will draw connections between struggles different individuals go through in the Campus Reading Program selection Hot Dogs and Hamburgers and what some fellow Spartans go through in daily life, reflecting on strategies for success and inclusiveness. Recent graduates Erin
Enguero and Gerardo Garay will respond to prompts and questions from Kinesiology instructor Karin Jeffrey.

In addition, the Campus Reading Program collaborates with and supports the Lurie College of Education's special programming around 
Hot Dogs and Hamburgers this semester.  Check out these events and activities too!

LCOE Campus Reading Program Events

Literacy Movie Night
Thursday, Sept. 21st, 7:00-9:00 pm in SH106 (LCOE Student Success Center)

Come and watch The First Grader, the first in a series of literacy movie nights at the LCOE SSC movie nights.  This film shows that it is a never too late to learn to read. It is the story of an 84 year-old Kenyan villager who fights for his right to an education.

Movie nights are FREE for all SJSU students, faculty, and staff. Refreshments will be available.

Careers in Teaching Panel
Thursday, Nov. 30th, 4:00-5:30 in the SH106 (LCOE Student Success Center)

If Hot Dogs and Hamburgers awakened your desire to make a difference in the lives of learners – come and find out more about careers in teaching. This panel discussion will address pathways to becoming a teacher (including entering the field of special education and earning a specialization in reading).

Book Drive for Reading Partners (pdf)

Lurie College of Education and the Campus Reading Program at San Jose State University want you to give back to your community and donate a book!

Reading Partners is a nonprofit organization that provides 1-1 literacy tutoring for K-4 students who are reading below proficiency. They serve students in 14 under-resourced schools in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.  We are collecting books for students tutored in this program.

Please consider donating picture books and beginning reader books. We will be collecting books this semester and next semester. The dates of the Fall 2017 Book Drive are Aug. 23 to Oct. 31st.

Drop-off locations for donations can be found at the following link: