How to Participate

Buy a book at the Spartan Bookstore, your local bookstore, or an online store.  Or, check out a copy at your local library.  Students requiring a copy in alternative format should contact the Accessible Education Center at (408) 924-6000.

All incoming freshmen should have received a free copy of the book selection for the year as a welcome gift from the President of SJSU when they attended orientation over the summer.  Thank you President Papazian!

Read the book. Take some notes of your thoughts, ideas and questions as you're reading.

Check the calendar of events and mark your calendar to participate in a discussion group, and attend other events.  Be sure to bring your book and notes (if any) to the discussion group you'll be attending.

Consider sharing your comments about the book with others - at a fall discussion group.

Suggest future book readings for campus by sending an email to the committee.


Why you Should Participate

The Campus Reading Program offers a wonderful opportunity to build connections with students, faculty and staff on campus through a common reading - it gives us all a shared experience to talk about.  It is a great opportunity to get engaged in the level of intellectual engagement expected of SJSU students.  You'll impress your professors, be able to join in on campus life through a discussion group, and enrich the experience you'll have on your journey of becoming a lifelong learner. If you are a freshman starting classes in the fall, you'll find that participating in the reading program to be a great opportunity to get engaged in a college level discussion and get a glimpse of what your university experience will be like and what is expected of you. You should view reading the selected book and participating in a discussion group and attending other events connected with the reading as an important first assignment in your college career.

Why a Culture of Reading at SJSU?

Reading is a crucial for lifelong learning.  The campus is dedicated to building a Culture of Reading to help all students have a successful learning experience and to be able to have a successful journey of learning throughout their lives.