Under the regulations defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act(FERPA) and San Jose State University, students have the choice to restrict directory information from being released without students' consent. SJSU has defined enrollment and degree verification information as the only directory information available. All other information is already protected and will not be provided without students' written consent. 

FERPA Workshop (PDF) 10/5/17 new!

ISO Data Classification 2017(PDF) 10/5/17 

ISA Classification Standards(PDF) 10/5/17

GA_classification_standards(PDF) 10/5/17

FERPA 2 Data Breach Letter template (DOC) 11/07/16 

FERPA Bulletin (PDF) 09/01/16

FERPA Brochure (PDF)

SOLOMON Amendment

SJSU Guidelines on the Use of Cloud Computing Services (PDF)

Institutional Policy on Access and Control of Information Contained in Student Records

Students' FERPA page


*** FERPA Hot Line: 408-924-5906 ***

FERPA Mailbox: ferpa911@sjsu.edu


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