CSU Fully Online FAQs

 updated 8/31/18

1. List of Eligibility Requirements


  • Student has completed at least one term at the home campus as a matriculated student and earned at least 12 units

  • Student has attained a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or better in all work completed at the home campus as well all transfer work,  and is in good standing at the home campus.

  • Student is enrolled at home campus during the period of concurrent enrollment at host campus, and has paid tuition fees as a full-time student.


2. What are the SJSU courses offered through CSU Fully Online?

Please go to the CSU Fully Online website  to see what are the courses available at SJSU.



3.  I am a non SJSU student, am I eligible to register through CSU Fully Online at SJSU?




4. To view list of available course, go to CSU Fully Online website :

    1. Select your home campus
    2. Select Spring 2016, then click “Go” to see all the courses available for you 



5.  My home campus is a quarter system, can I enroll in courses in other campuses that are on the semester system? 

No. CSU Fully Online/concurrent enrollment is possible only in overlapping campus terms, e.g. semester to semester, quarter to quarter. When you logon to your home campus portal, you will see only classes available based on your home campus system e.g. if your home campus is a quarter system, all the classes that show up on your search will only be the ones offered on quarter system campuses.


 6. What are the Add & Drop deadlines? 

    • Add & Drop deadlines are based on the host campus that offers the course.

    • SJSU’s add & drop deadlines are available on our Registration Calendar.


7. CSU Fully Online courses follow the add/ drop/ withdrawal policies of the "host" CSU campus.  

Each campus has different policies.  If the student requests accommodations to the host campus policies, it is our understanding that they will be provided by the "host" CSU campus.


8. How do I register?


How to Enroll:


During the period that CSU Fully Online enrollment is available, students who are currently active and have access to self-service, at their home campus, will see the “Enroll in CSU Fully Online” link in the Academics section of the Student Center. Student will need to’


  • Click on Enroll in CSU Fully Online

  • Select term (e.g. Fall 2018), then continue.

  • Classes that are available in the CSU system will appear on your screen.

  • Click on the Select Class button

  • If there is a pre-requisite, the system will provide a listing of your Course History.

  • Indicate which course you believe fulfills the requirement

    • If the course that meets the requisite is not listed, a free form text box is available to list the course that meets the eligibility requirements.

    • Confirm by checking the Requisite Reviewed check box before completing the request.

    • Once the student has indicated the required requisite information, he/she will need to provide


9.  How do I know if my request was successful?


Once the student completes the enrollment request, he/she will be able to view the status of the requests by navigating to the CSU Fully Online link.  Students will see one of these 3 statuses: Request Pending; Not Enrolled and Enrolled.



10. How do I drop my CSU Fully Online course?


  • Student will need to drop at the host campus. Check with the host campus for instructions on dropping.

  • Non-SJSU (Visitor) students (dropping the SJSU CSU Fully Online course) can email registrar@sjsu.edu for assistance in dropping.


11. I am not sure if taking an online class a good fit for me?


  • Learning through an online class requires different skills than learning in a face-to-face class.  Knowing what you're getting into is necessary for success in online learning.  

  • Check your readiness for success in online learning by completing the Self-Assessment.


12.Does grade forgiveness apply to the CSU Fully Online?


NO.  Grade forgiveness can only be applied to courses taken and repeated at SJSU. 


13. I am an F-1 or non-resident student, do I need to pay additional fee for my  CSU Fully Online course?

Yes.  Non-resident tuition fees and course/lab fees for enrollment at the host campus should be paid directly to the host campus. These are the only fees that may be collected by the host campus for the CSU Fully Online program.



14.How do I request my official transcript once I’ve completed the course?


You may request your official transcript from your host campus. However, the course you are taking, via CSU Fully Online, will automatically appear as transfer credit on your home campus transcript.  The Registrar’s office at the host campus will automatically send the official transcript to the home campus.



15. Can I apply for Financial Aid at the host campus?


No, financial aid is available only through the home campus.



16.  I may need to talk to an Academic Advisor about classes I am enrolling. Do I have access to academic advisement at host campus?

No, academic advisement is available only at the home campus.