CourseMatch FAQs

-updated for Fall 2014, 8-29-14

1. What are the SJSU courses offered through CourseMatch and the pre-requisites of each course? 

1) POLS 20

Enrollment Requirements:  English Remediation completed or a post baccalaureate.  Instructor Consent Required (permission# from the instructor required)

2) PSYC 1 (Area D1: Social Science, Human Behavior).   Instructor Consent Required(permission# from the instructor required).

3) STAT 095  (Area B4: Mathematical Concepts): Enrollment Requirement - Math Remediation Completed or a post baccalaureate or graduate degree.   Instructor Consent Required (permission# from the instructor required).

2. I am a non SJSU student, am I eligible to register through CourseMatch at SJSU?

You need to answer the survey questions available at step 1 on the CourseMatch page after you select the registration term. The system will let you know once you have answered all the questions.

3. How do I register?

SJSU students:

Non-SJSU students:

  • Follow the steps provided on CourseMatch website. At step 3, you will need to fill out CourseMatch Enrollment Application. Detail instruction is on page 2 of Application.
  • Registration period is is August 4 - August 22, 2014. You need to submit the Enrollment Application to your home campus Registrar within this period.
  • Last day to add at SJSU is September 12, 2014

4. How do I drop the course? 

SJSU students:

Non-SJSU students:

  • E-mail the course information of the course(s) you intend to drop to Sophie Lanh at In the subject line, please indicate “Fall’14-SJSU CourseMatch-Drop request”.
  • Last day to drop without “W” at SJSU is September 5, 2014.