Hepatitis B

1. Where can I find information regarding immunization compliance requirements?

Please visit www.sjsu.edu/registrar/students/Immunization/ for immunization compliance information.

2. What is Executive Order 803?

For more information regarding EO 803 please visit: http://www.calstate.edu/eo/eo-803.pdf

3. Who is required to show proof of immunity?

All new students aged 18 or under are to present proof of immunity to Hepatitis B during their first semester.

4. What is proof of immunity? 

You must be able to provide medical documentation signed by a physician or nurse that you either had the diseases or the immunization for Hep B. Hepatitis B vaccination requires a 3-dose series of injections over a 4-6 month period.  Your health record must reflect completion of 3 dose series to fulfill HEP B requirement.

Documentation can include immunizations records or a laboratory report showing immunity to HEP B.  For international students all medical documentation must have attached English translation by private health provider, a public health care department, or government health agency.

5. Who is exempt from providing HEP B proof of immunity?

If you have attended a 6 -12 grade California Public School (after June 30, 1999), you have satisfied the immunization requirement with your previous transcript submission.   

6. What if I do not have proof of immunity?

If you do not have proof of your immunity to Hepatitis B, you need to get vaccinated. You can get your immunizations from your private health care provider or the Public Health Department.

Once the semester begins and you are officially a SJSU student, you can also get immunizations via the SJSU Student Health Center. 

7. Where can I submit my immunization information?

Please go to SHC Online Services page to upload your document. See details below.

Please have your medical immunization records available for upload.  If you do not have a scan machine, take a picture of your records with your cell phone and upload using your cell phone.