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Frequently Asked Questions

Please select from the following FAQ categories:

Attendance and Policy: one semester leave, student's status, leave of absence, withdrawal from the university.

CSU Fully online courses: courses offered, eligibility, how to add or drop.

Grade/ Grade Changes: change of grade form, grades are not viewable, need a printed copy of my grades. 

Graduation: graduation application & its deadlines, graduation worksheet, commencement, graduation date change, notification for graduation, university honors, taking courses after graduation, duplicate diploma, requirements for bachelor degree.

Preferred Name: what is preferred name?, SJSU preferred name policy, how to set or update preferred name, where my preferred name will be used at SJSU, who to contact?, etc.

Registration: Advance Registration, Late Registration, Enrollment Appointment, registration issues, how to add a class, audit a class, add a class when there is a time conflict/ remediation hold, etc.

Residency: rules and regulations for establishing residency, what are the determination dates?, what is an eligible citizenship, visa or immigration status?, how do I find out my status after filing a request? etc.

Student Information: change of legal name, change of major/ minor, deferment form, enrollment and degree verification, course description.

Transcripts:  how to order official transcript, how to obtain unofficial transcript, etc.

Variable Waitlist Unit Process - New!