Repeats and Grade Forgiveness

Repeat Policy

Students are allowed to repeat a course in which they earned a non-passing grade or if they did not met the grade minimum for the course.  Students are not allowed to repeat a course in which they earned a passing grade, unless the course is designated 'repeatable for credit'.  Please see the Repeat Policy for complete details, including undergraduate and graduate specific policies.

Students who received a W in their first attempt at a course are not considered to be repeating a course. They can register anytime during the Advance Registration period.

Registering for Repeats

First Repeat (Second Attempt): students may register through MySJSU during the last two weeks of Advance Registration.  See specific term Registration Calendar for exact dates.

Second or More Repeat (Third or more Attempt): Students are required to submit a Request to Enroll in a Course more than Two Times [pdf], with all required documentation and signatures.  The form and documentation will be accepted starting the first day of instruction.  

The deadline for registering for any repeated courses is the Last Day to Add (see specific term Registration Calendar for exact dates).  

See the San Jose State University catalog for the Repeating class policy 

Grade Forgiveness/Grade Averaging

Grade Forgiveness Policy

Grade forgiveness is the circumstance in which the new grade replaces the former grade with respect to Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation.  The original grade remains on the transcript. Grade forgiveness is only applied once the second attempt of the course is completed. When the second grade is worse than the first, the second grade is counted in the GPA.  

Note that this only applies to courses taken and repeated at SJSU.  

Students may choose to opt out of grade forgiveness by filing the Opt Out Petition on this page.

See the San Jose State University catalog for the Grade Forgiveness policy, including unit limits.

Grade Averaging Policy

After the pool of Grade Forgiveness units have been depleted or used to the fullest extent allowable, the repeated grade shall not replace the original grade. Instead grade points and units from all attempts shall be calculated in the student's SJSU cumulative GPA and overall GPA.

Repeating a class two or more times may result in grade averaging or in grade forgiveness, which will be determined at the time of processing. See University Policy F08-2 [pdf] for complete descriptions. 

See the San Jose State University catalog for the Grade Averaged policy.