Notes for both Online & Mail-in option


Definition of processing time:

    • Processing time is the amount of time to process the request and does not include       the mailing time. Please note that choosing the Federal Express option only impacts the mail time . Processing time is still standard 2-3 business days.
    • Processing time is business days only and excludes holidays and campus closures.


Reasons that may delay your order:

Additional processing time may be required based on the work load, the operational needs of the office, and/or the time during the semester the request is made (e.g. start or end of term, send after grade or degree posting). Additional processing time may also be necessary for records with attendance prior to January 1991.

    • Hold(s) that needs to be cleared (see the following section for Holds)
    • Partial grades and/or current academic standing
    • Holidays and campus closures



If there is any financial hold or administrative obligation on your student records, it must be cleared with the department that placed the hold before transcripts can be processed. Holds may be placed on your student records by other departments on campus for various reasons (e.g. fees, books, housing,  equipment or documents).