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The Comparative Religious Studies Program presents scholarly interpretations of the world's religious traditions. It aims to be as global as possible in covering the great diversity of religions and as inclusive as possible in covering the various methodological approaches to the study of religion.

The Religious Studies Concentration (Humanities Major) offers a comprehensive preparation for those who plan to undertake graduate education in theology, history of religions, and other related areas.

The Religious Studies Minor offers a basic understanding of religious beliefs and practices for those whose careers would benefit significantly from a familiarity with various religious traditions.

The strengths of the program are found, above all, in the diverse backgrounds and interests of its faculty. They have lived and studied in various world areas, including North Africa, the Near East, Europe, India, Taiwan and Vietnam. They are active in a wide range of scholarly organizations, including the American Academy of Religion, the Association for Asian Studies, the Middle Eastern Studies Association, the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, the American Anthropological Association and the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy.