Academic Offerings

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The advisor works closely with students to make curricular choices that reflect their particular interests and academic preparation. Because the program is small and flexible, we can give each student personal attention.

All courses taken at California public institutions (community colleges and CSU or UC campuses) and evaluated as equivalent to SJSU courses are transferable to the undergraduate major and minor programs in Religious Studies. On a case by case basis, the program coordinator will consider all other requests to apply to the minor or major in Religious Studies relevant courses taken elsewhere and transferred to SJSU.

Bachelor of Arts

The Humanities BA Religious Studies Concentration offers comprehensive preparation for those who plan to undertake graduate education in theology, history of religions and other related areas. The concentration also provides preparation for graduate education in law, business and the helping professions as well as in any area of the social sciences or humanities where in-depth knowledge of religion will be a distinct advantage in one's career.

BA Humanities, Religious Studies Concentration Catalog Information


The Religious Studies minor degree offers a basic understanding of religious beliefs and practices for those whose careers would benefit significantly from a familiarity with some religious traditions, such as those in teaching, journalism, business, social work, medicine and law. The minor incorporates the study of religious traditions with reflection on what religion is and how we understand it.

Minor in Religious Studies Catalog Information