Water Resources and Policy Initiatives (WRPI)

Dependent on funding, Water Resources and Policy Initiative (WRPI) annually accepts applications for assigned time funding for CSU faculty. The purpose of the WRPI Faculty Research Incentive Award Program is to provide funding for CSU faculty members to develop and submit full proposals to external funding agencies and organizations for water-related research and educational projects.

Funding for this research is provided by WRPI. The Office of Research provides information and support for grant development for WRPI activities.

What type of funding is available?

Student Grant Programs

Faculty Grant Programs

  • Faculty Research Incentive Award Program - June 16, 2017

Please visit the Water Resources and Policy Initiatives page for specific awards information.

How is funding awarded?

Funding for WRPI is awarded to the College/Department. The College/Department Budget Analyst should be consulted during grant development to advise on allowable expenses and categories (e.g., hourly wages) and prior to expenditures once awarded.

How do I get support?

The Office of Research will assist students and faculty with grant development for WRPI request.  Please contact the Office of Research at 408-924-2272 or officeofresearch@sjsu.edu.