IRB Video Tutorials

Part 1: An Introduction to Human Subjects Research Ethics and the IRB Process

NOTE: The IRB is now part of the Office of Research and not Graduate Studies. All other info in the videos, including contact information, remains the same.


IRB Workshop Part 1 PowerPoint (no audio)

 Part 2: Preparing Your IRB Protocol

 IRB Workshop Part 2 PowerPoint (no audio)

Supplemental Discipline-Specific Information

IRB Handbook - School of Social Work (pdf)

IRB Handbook - College of Education (pdf)

Samples of IRB Protocols

All sample documents are for educational purposes only. Our forms and documents may be updated from time to time and they should be downloaded directly from the IRB forms and documents page. Please do not copy text from the sample protocols. IRB protocols should be written in your own words. Some information may be redacted from the samples to protect the privacy of investigators.

Sample Protocol: "TeenForce - Initial Evaluation" (pdf)

Sample Protocol: "Evaluating Children's Early Number Concepts" (pdf)