SJSU Student Research Competition

The SJSU Student Research Competition takes place annually in March. Finalists are celebrated at the SJSU Student Research Forum, hosted by the Research Foundation. The finalists are also invited to participate in the CSU Student Research Competition, hosted at one of the 23 CSU campuses each year. 


2016 Competition

Undergraduate and graduate research students had the opportunity to present their work and compete for selection as SJSU representatives in the annual CSU Student Research Competition, held at California State University, Bakersfield. 


2016 SJSU Student Research Competition Finalists

Student Researcher(s) Title of Presentation College Faculty Mentor
Michael Balderrama Bioengineering an Alternative, Cheap, and Reliable Anti-venom: The LTNF-11 Peptide Engineering Claire Komives
Wilson Florero-Salinas, Dan Li Efficient and Accurate kNN Based Parameter Tuning for SVM Science Guangliang Chen
Angela Gates "A (Blind) Woman's Place is (Teaching) in the Home": The Life of Kate Foley (1873-1940) Applied Sciences & Arts Debra Hansen
Evelynn Henry Immobilization of Light-Driven P450 Biocatalysts Using Cross-Linked Enzyme Aggregates (CLEAs) Science Lionel Cheruzel
Sushmitha Kasturi Why is it riskier for microfinance institutions to lend loans to the women in India than women in Bangladesh? Social Sciences Colleen Haight
Aneesha Kulkarni Modeling Endothelial Cells to Study Inflammatory Responses in a Bordetella Pertussis Infection Science Tzvia Abramson