Board of Directors

Members of the Research Foundation Board of Directors represent SJSU administration and faculty, as well as the local community.

From the SJSU Administration

  • Joan Ficke
    Board President, SJSU Research Foundation
    Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, SJSU
  • Pamela C. Stacks
    Board Vice President, SJSU Research Foundation
    Associate Vice President, Office of Research, SJSU
  • Charlie Faas
    Board Treasurer, SJSU Research Foundation
    Vice President of Administration and Finance/CFO, SJSU

From the SJSU Faculty

  • Marc d'Alarcao
    Associate Dean of Research, College of Science
  • Amy D'Andrade
    Associate Dean of Research, College of Applied Sciences & Arts
  • James Harvey
    Director, Moss Landing Marine Labs
  • Walter R. Jacobs
    Dean, College of Social Sciences
  • Michael Kaufman
    Dean, College of Science
  • Essam Marouf 
    Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering
  • Matthew Spangler
    Professor, Department of Communication Studies, College of Social Sciences

From the SJSU Student Body

  • Vacant

From the Community

  • William F. Wiles
    CEO, WFW International

From the SJSU Research Foundation

  • Rajnesh Prasad
    Board Secretary, SJSU Research Foundation
    Executive Director, SJSU Research Foundation

Corporate Counsel

  • Nancy McGlamery, Adler & Colvin