MLML MOBY Awarded $12.7 Million

Project Led by Mark Yarbrough

Mark Yarbrough of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, SJSU

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – through a subcontract with the University of Miami – recently awarded a multi-year $12.7 million grant to Moss Landing Marine Laboratories’ MOBY (Marine Optical BuoY) project. The grant will fund a technology refresh and on-going operations of the MOBY buoy under the direction of PI Mark Yarbrough.

Moored off the island of Lanai in Hawaii, the MOBY buoy is a primary ocean observatory for the calibration of satellite ocean color sensors. By measuring water leaving radiance, and assessing the resulting water color, MOBY provides data that satellites can use to continuously calibrate and validate their on-orbit measurements.

More information is available at (Pictured: Principal Investigator Mark Yarbrough.)