NSF Awards $900,798 to SJSU

Sen Chiao and Team Awarded $900,798
for STEM Research System

Sen Chiao of San Jose Staté University

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $900,798 grant to Sen Chiao, Ehsan Khatami, Kamran Turkoglu, Brooke S. Lustig and Aaron J. Romanowsky for the acquisition of a Hybrid CPU/GPU High Performance Computing and Storage system for STEM Research and Education. This project will support STEM research projects and teaching activities at San Jose Staté University. It will also increase SJSU’s capacity to conduct cutting-edge research in a fast, practical and reliable storage environment suited to computational and data-intensive applications. More than 200 SJSU students engaged in STEM related research activities and courses will benefit from the instrument. (Pictured: Principal Investigator Sen Chiao.)