Government-Education Specialist from India Speaks at SJSU

Dr. K.R. Srivathsan talks about partnership

Dr. K.R. Srivathsan at San José State University

Earlier this summer the Research Foundation sponsored a symposium featuring Dr. K.R. Srivathsan of IIT Bhubaneswar in India.

Dr. Srivathsan was in the U.S.  to develop contacts with SJSU faculty who are working in the fields of Internet and Society or Technology and Society. He shared information about collaboration opportunities under the Global Initiative of Academic Networks program (GIAN) promoted by India’s Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD). This program promotes faculty visits to the Indian Institutes of Technology, typically for a semester, with costs fully met by the program. An honorarium of about $2,000 is also included.

Dr. Srivathsan is well known in his field in India, where he served as a president, vice chancellor, and professor at prestigious technology universities. He has also led joint government-education institution projects at the federal level. He is presently a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Indian institute of Technology. (Pictured: Dr. K.R. Srivathsan.)