Invoice Criteria

In order for the Accounts Payable department to process invoices for payment, invoices submitted to the Research Foundation must be accompanied by a Requisition Form.

Also, the invoice should include the following elements:

1.  A unique invoice number.

2.  Purchase Order number (if applicable).

3.  Show a Bill to as: SJSU Research Foundation.

4.  Show a Sold to address as the project or department that requested the goods or           services, with a contact name and phone number.

5.  The invoice date, total amount due, and billing period.  For services, the date service was provided should also be included.

6.  An itemized list of the goods or services sold with prices extended, and with shipping, and sales tax added. Note:  Use tax will be added to for goods shipped to California and Hawaii if no sales tax is indicated on the invoice.

7.  The total amount due and the vendor's name and remittance address (including City,     State, and Zip Code).

8.  Invoices should be original, clean, legible, and include the name and address of the vendor.

Vendors should perform their billing within 10 days of completing a milestone.  For example, services completed on June 28th should be invoiced by July 8th.

Payment terms are "net 30 days" from the invoice date. If different terms are required, please negotiate them with the Accounts Payable Manager prior to placing the order.

For more information, please contact the Accounts Payable department at (408) 924-1421.