Purchase Orders

A purchase order is a document generated by Research Foundation purchasing that authorizes a purchase transaction. When accepted by the vendor (seller), it becomes a contract binding on both the vendor and the Research Foundation.

A purchase order sets forth the descriptions, quantities, prices, discounts, payment terms, date of performance or shipment, other associated terms and conditions and identifies a specific vendor.  The steps for requesting a Research Foundation purchase order are below.

  1. Complete and sign a purchase requisition form.
  2. Attach the quote from the vendor and any other supporting documentation to the form.
  3. Forward the signed and completed form to the Research Foundation at ext. zip 0139. For rush orders please scan and email the form and supporting documentation to your sponsored programs/self-support analyst indicating it is a "rush" order for immediate processing and send the originals to ext. zip 0139. 
  4. The sponsored programs/self-support analyst will review and forward to purchasing.
  5. Purchasing will review and issue a purchase order.
  6. Purchasing will then place the order by sending the purchase order to the vendor.
  7. After the vendor receives the purchase order the product is shipped.
  8. The vendor then sends an invoice to Research Foundation accounts payable requesting payment.
  9. The accounts payable department will then contact the requestor (PI or Project Staff) to confirm the product was received.
  10. After the requestor confirms that the product was received a payment will be sent to the vendor by the invoice due date and charged to the account specified on the purchase requisition form.

For compliance reasons some orders over $5,000 may require three quotations or sole source documentation.  Services for an activity that warrants additional protection may also require a certificate of insurance from the vendor with an "additional insured endorsement" stipulating that the SJSU Research Foundation are additional insured under the vendor insurance policy.