Enrolling in Benefit Plans

Open Enrollment Dates

You may enroll in a medical plan, change medical plans, or add eligible family members to your medical plan during the Open Enrollment period that takes place each fall. The selections that you make during the Open Enrollment period will take effect the following January 1.

New Enrollment

You have 60 days from your start date to enroll in medical, dental, and vision plan coverages. Your coverage becomes effective the first day of the month following your start date, depending upon timely submission of completed forms to Research Foundation Human Resources.

Changes to benefit offerings are only allowed annually during Open Enrollment. However, other special circumstances may apply. See “Qualifying Event” (below).

Qualifying Event

A qualifying event is a life event change in an employee's personal life that may impact their eligibility or their dependent's eligibility for benefits.  Examples of Qualifying Events include marriage; divorce; birth; adoption or placement for adoption; change of address or moving out of plan coverage area; or a Court-ordered action pertaining to benefits.   A Qualifying Event allows an employee to enroll or to make changes for him or herself and all eligible dependents within 60 days following that event. 

Please contact the Human Resources Department at (408) 924-1409 for further information regarding changes to benefit plan offerings.