New Hire Information

Welcome to the Research Foundation!

We are pleased to share the following information with our new employees at the links below. Please contact us at any time by emailing Human Resources or by calling (408) 924-1400. You may also reach out to individual Team Members.

Handbook (Non-Benefited Employees Only)

The SJSU Research Foundation Employee Handbook, Non-Benefited contains summaries of guidelines and policies related to non-benefited employment. Please review it carefully and contact us with any questions.

Information Links

Employee Online Services Portal 

Filling Out Your Timecard

Gmail Address Creation and Use

Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options

Holiday Calendar

Information Security

Payroll Calendar

Workers' Compensation Brochure

Worker's Compensation Preferred Providers

New Hire Orientation Webinar


Employee Online Services Portal 

This portal provides you with self-service access to your records in the Human Resources system:

Employee Online Portal

The bullets below either describe the actions you can take inside the portal or link you to PDFs with instructions on using the portal for a specific process.

  • Check Stub: Under this tab you can review and print your check stubs.
  • Current Job: Under this tab you can review your current active assignments.
    (Please note that you will not be able to submit an online timesheet unless you have an active assignment.)
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Direct Deposit Information
  • Emergency Information
  • Home Address
  • Insurance (Benefited Employees Only): 
    Under this tab you can review your current health benefit choices.
  • Paperless EFT Authorization
  • Tax Information: Only available for nonresidents
  • "What If...": Under this tab you can explore different scenarios for how changes to your tax withholding and deferred compensation will impact your net pay.
  • W2 Info: Under this tab you can view your W-2s for the past two years.



Gmail Address Creation and Use

The San Jose State University Research Foundation operates under one standardized e-mail format for all its employees in alignment with the San Jose State University. The purpose of using this standardized email format is to ensure that we have one specific method of conveying all Research Foundation related communications or emergency information in an efficient manner. Every Research Foundation employee is required to use this standardized e-mail format (

For Research Foundation new hires, this standardized e-mail account will be set up as part of the new hire process. To activate your account follow the instructions below.

We recognize that some employees may have preferred, location based, e-mail accounts. These employees must activate their Research Foundation e-mail account and may then forward any Research Foundation e-mail received to their preferred, location based, e-mail account.

To activate your SJSU email:

  • First-time users, begin by setting your password at SJSUOne Set/Reset Password

  • Then, to access your email account, go to SJSU Email (SSO Login)

  • To sign in, use your SJSUOne ID and password – the same ID and password you use to access SJSUOne and the campus wireless network
  • After you login, you will see your email address (in upper right corner of screen). It will use the format 



Benefited Employees 

Benefited employees will be contacted by Human Resources for an orientation after their hire date. They will receive detailed information about their benefits at that time.